Danny Cohen We’re All Gonna Die (Anti- June 7)

While this is clearly the oddest music I’ve had on Songs:Illinois, Danny Cohen is not without his fans. As leader of the punk band Charleston Grotto, Danny had a true cultlike following. Now a solo artist in the vein of Vic Chesnut and Daniel Johnston, Danny Cohen has been signed to and will release his new record We’re All Gonna Die on ANTI- Records. This effectively makes him an instantly less fringe artist.
This new record has 16 songs which range from Tom Waits inspired story songs to Jad Fair crazyness. Check out the songs below and see if they can slip through your protective musical barriers. Here’s a great article at LA Weekly about Danny’s ousider art. Click here to pre-order.
Right click and save as song title and .mp3
Among The Cows
(Tongue-tied) In Quicksand
We’re All Gonna Die **Standout Track** (But Weird)

Motel Sex [Download]
from Dannyland (you may know this song – I did)

2 Responses to “Danny Cohen We’re All Gonna Die (Anti- June 7)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Craig – just FYI, the We’re All Gonna Die track links to (Tongue-tied) again.

    These are interesting. I really liked the Motel Sex track, so these were certainly not what I expected but I’ll probably pick up a copy if I run across it.

    Thanks — MindyB

  2. Craig says:

    thanks mindy I fixed that link