Jennie Sterns coming in 2005

Having rediscovered Mary Larson I now discover

Jennie Sterns linked to via M. Larson. Jennie is an American singer who has garnered quite a bit of good press in the UK (like Mary Larson). Her two albums presently available are self-released affairs that can be bought at her numerous shows or through her website. Her forthcoming release sounds like the one that’ll make her a household name (at least in households where Kathleen Edwards, Mary Gauthier and Madeline Peyroux are spoken of).The reason is simple and two words: Gurf Morlix (producer extraodinaire). Jim Lauderdale is also featured singing on two tracks. Apparently the album’s done and will be released in 2005. If you want to start a new americana label this could be your inaugeral release. Meanwhile from the songs I’ve heard from her two self-released records it’ll be hard to top what she’s already accomplished. Here’s four songs from her 2004 release Sing Desire.You Save MeCounty RoadSession of DreamsBitter Sweet [Download]

4 Responses to “Jennie Sterns coming in 2005”

  1. countrygrrl says:

    hey this is well good..another watch out lucinda moment..if she comes to bonnie scotland i will be buying a ticket..where do you get all this stuff from?? it is my first port of call after firing up the laptop…thanx as always. I am here on a dull thursday night with a beautiful bunch of lillies on the table and a real coffee..session of dream coming over the cans life doesnt indeed get much better..

  2. hugo vogel says:

    it’s SteARns, Craig. And she´s already a star in the Hetherlands.
    She´s a bit shy on stage. that´s wat makes her lovely.

  3. hugo says:

    And it´s Netherlands, not Hetherlands

  4. Anonymous says:

    I Just bought Sing Desire. I’m from The Netherlands and in my record store her record wasn’t stored under “S” but under “Jennie Sterns”! Sing Desire was in the Americana top 10 of 2003. Thanx songs:illinois for introducing her to me.

    Joop The Netherlands