Mark Mulcahy of Miracle Legion – Solo Record Out Now

I’m sure there are some die hard Miracle Legion fans out there who could write a novella on how important the band was to the the fledgly indie rock scene of the early/late 80′s. Unfairly criticized as an REM clone, Miracle legion and specifically the lead singer/songwriter Mark Mulcahy created music that was just this side of accessable. And just the other side of punk.
Now on his own and with a new record called In Pursuit Of Your Happiness Mark Mulcahy is back with a vengence. Released April 25 In Pursuit is a fully realized solo album with a wide array of instruments (organ, French horn, accordian and cello) and textures (harmony backing vocals, long guitar lines etc). J. Mascis is on lead guitar on several tracks. The records got a lot of soul. And more so than many things featured here is an excellent headphone aural experience. Here’s three from Mark Mulcahy. Buy the disc from Mark’s label Mezzotint here.

Right click and save these three as song title and .mp3

In Pursuit Of Your Happiness
Cookie Jar
A Smack On the Lips

Others from the mezzotint vault

Miracle Legion

The Ladies From Town [Download]

Mark Mulcahy

We’re Not In CharlestownHey Self Defeater [Download]


Waiting For October [Download]

2 Responses to “Mark Mulcahy of Miracle Legion – Solo Record Out Now”

  1. liz says:

    His first solo album Smile Sunset was pretty spectacular as well.

  2. Hugh says:

    Great post. I recently did an interview with Mark for my online zine, Unfinished. There are some downloads as well…