Matt Bauer’s Stunning Nandina

I discovered

Matt Bauer through my recent update on Hinah’s tribute to The Anthology of American Folk Music. His contribution to that project is a beautiful rendition of “Willie Mae”. When I did some more poking around on his website I found a number of excellent songs from his latest release, Nandina.Matt Bauer has fans with some of their larger Americana publications in France and in England and they have taken a shine to him and his hushed dour tales of death and destruction (and love). Here’s three off of Nandina and a couple rarities from his site. You’ll love Nandina; buy it here.Window HillTriangle MountainJordan In A Plastic Bag [Download]

Snow Dove DemoHead Of Little Horses [Download]
Outtake from Nandina

3 Responses to “Matt Bauer’s Stunning Nandina”

  1. frank f., new york says:

    I have this album and love it. It’s sparse: most songs are banjo, guitar and vocals, with brushes and bass filling out some other songs. The last song, “Jordan in a Plastic Bag,” which is Matt’s vocals over a string quartet, is the finest example of the phrase “hauntingly beautiful.” It’s an album I listen to from beginning to end. The songs are expertly written and, despite their few instruments, sonicly rich. Great for winding down after work, sipping lemonade on a easy sunday, or watching trees go by out the car window.

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