My apolologies: more indie-psych-folk from Marjorie Fair

I had this post all prepared a couple of days ago but now I see Marjorie Fair are the talk of the blogging world (along with Bullette and Soft) so I’ll now jump into the fray and at least give you two new songs to consider. If you’re really on the ball I guess you had this record as an import a year ago or earlier if you had a demo copy of it. The band is Marjorie Fair from LA and the delayed and waylaid American debut for the band is called self help serenade. It’s on Capitol Records and will probably be one of the only great records they’ll release this year (decade!!).
Tha band’s sound is some hybrid of Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and the Beach Boys. Go figure. “Empty Room” is the single but “Waves” is the song everyone is posting. So I’ll go with the purported single and the last track on the cd and my favorite: “My Sun Is Setting Over Her Magic.” Here’s the link to the import copy through Amazon.

Right click and save as song title and .mp3
Empty Room
My Sun Is Setting All Over Her Magic **Standout Track**

One Response to “My apolologies: more indie-psych-folk from Marjorie Fair”

  1. howard says:

    Marjorie Fair were the soundtrack to a brief stint in Edinburgh last year, but the album didn’t really last any longer for me than that – as an album it defined too specific a mood, but I’ll go back and give it another listen after hearing these tracks again.

    btw. what did you think of the HAL tracks?