Slow Dazzle From Misra Records (June)

Slow Dazzle is one in a rather short line of bands that are clearly inspired and influenced by Mazzy Starr. Instrumentally akin to Galaxie 500 and before them of course Velvet Underground, Slow Dazzle is the side project of two thirds of the Mendoza Line.
Below are two examples of Slow Dazzle’s retro fuzzy guitar sound from The View From The Floor, there’s one more mp3 available at the Misra Website here. Misra has put this release and their other new record (the impossible to spell – Phosphorescent) on sale at their website well before the June release date. Pick `em up at the Misra website here.
Right click and save as song title and .mp3
Fleur De Lie
A Welfare State

One Response to “Slow Dazzle From Misra Records (June)”

  1. vashti says:

    these 2 songs are great-they don’t sound much like mazzy star but they have a gorgeous breeziness that’s all their own.