Smog-A River Ain’t Too Much To Love

All right I’m so not the first to blog about Smog. I’m not even a fan, by that I mean up until last night I wasn’t a fan. Then I heard a song called “The Well” a seven minute long opus from Bill Callahan and now I’m a convert (literally, that’s the perfect word). I’ve got lot’s of catching up to do since Smog’s put out at least ten full length recordings.
A River Ain’t Too Much Too Love is the new record and it hit’s the streets sometime in May. Drag City is the label and they’ve linked to another song off the record “I Feel Like The Mother Of The World”. This is all so loosely alt-country that the label and any label seems to be meaningless. Listen carefully to “The Well” below and tell me what you think, better yet tell Smog by buying the disc now from Miles Of Music. Maybe now with the arrival of mp3 blogs an artist as scarily talented as Bill Callahan is can get more of the attention he so richly deserves.

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The WellI Feel Like The Mother Of The World [Download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    dude, your the well link ain’t working. get it together.