Go Kart Mozarts – Tearing Up The Album Charts (ex Felt, Denim)

I get the feeling that Felt was a band you either loved or loved even more. I’ve never met any detractors or haters. The lead singer and the main person responsible for Felt (and Denim btw) is Lawrence. His newish project/band is called Go Kart Mozart. The new release is called Tearing Up The Album Charts and is just being released in the States by Darla.

Sadly I don’t have that new record yet. But I’ve got links to mp3′s off Go Kart Mozarts debut and a sample of a track off the new one so that will have to suffice for now. This brief sampling from Tearing Up … has an oh so slight resemblance to early Felt. Get it now from Darla. Pick up the bands debut Instant Wigwam and Igloo Mixture from the Spanish label Elefant.Here Is A SongDrinkin Um Bongo [Download]

Sample off of 2005′s Tearing Up….

?? [Download]

One Response to “Go Kart Mozarts – Tearing Up The Album Charts (ex Felt, Denim)”

  1. EnglandMadeMe says:

    Lawrence is a genius. Every home should own the recent Go Kart Mozart LP.