Jim White presents Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus (Cat Power, Johnny Dowd, David Johanson, and The Handsome Family)

Who would have thought there’d be a music soundtrack featuring all the music we love. O’ Brother was one thing and then Down From The Mountain but they’re not comparable to Jim White’s soundtrack to the documentary Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus. Artists like The Handsome Family, Cat Power, Johnny Dowd and Sixteen Horsepower are featured on the soundtrack and apparently in the film as well. The film is a documentary and exploration of the American south with Jim White (No Such Place, Drill A Hole… and Wrong Eyed Jesus) as narrator and tour guide. Musicians, storytellers and regular folk are all interviewed along the way. Sounds great…I’m guessing it’ll be on DVD any day.

We have David Byrne to thank for the wide release of the soundtrack as it is available now on his label Luaka Pop. This label is home to Jim White’s other records as well. Here’s a couple of southern gothic tales of death and destruction from Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus. Buy it from Amazon here.

The Wound That Never Heals – Jim WhiteFirst There Was [Download]
– Johnny Dowd with Maggie Brown

P.S. Not sure if you saw it this morning but I’ve got two songs posted from the new Giant Sand record (Arizona Amp & Alternator on Thrill Jockey). Click here for Giant Sand, The Concretes, Kevin Thista and Tom Brosseau.

5 Responses to “Jim White presents Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus (Cat Power, Johnny Dowd, David Johanson, and The Handsome Family)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Craig,

    Just wanted to say that I love your site. I’m London (UK) based but I’m a massive fan of the style of music you post. Anyhow, ‘First There Was’ is an absolutely awesome track, I’m totally blown away by it. Too bad the soundtrack’s only available Stateside – means I have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery :-(

    Keep up the great work

  2. Craig says:

    Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog

  3. Dan MacDonald says:

    HEY CRAIG – I’m looking for a song that was in Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus – it was a duet (guy/girl) sung in a barber shop – it had the line “they let me hang for a while” (sung by the girl).
    if you could tell me the name and artists, i’d be eteranlly grateful.

  4. Scott Edmondson says:

    I believe you’re referring to the same song as anonymous above; here’s what i found on it. been stuck in my head for days after seeing the film…haunting.

    “The filmmakers stumbled over Maggie Brown and invited to sing with Johnny Dowd on “First There Was.” Her raspy, country voice offsets Dowd’s so-disastrous-you-have-to-like-it tenor on the morbid hanging song. Dowd’s previously recorded the song with Kim Sherwood-Caso, but Brown takes over well, playing the true Louisiana in a forced collaboration to help British filmmakers and a migrant songwriter convey the truth about the South.”

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