Kevin Thista – Home Demons Vol. 1 (July 26)

You can’t live in Chicago and not have heard of

Kevin Thista. However it’s one thing to hear about an artist (by press, internet or word of mouth) but quite another to hear their music. Before the internet most of the artists currently getting press on mp3 blogs would be literally unheard. Kevin Thista is a perfect example, despite garnering more press than any individual is due or owed, his music was by and large unheard.The Chicago Reader called his last release 2004′s Wake Up Captain the #1 Chicago release of the year, while the UK’s Uncut put it in their top 60. Parasol gained access to this prolific writer’s vault of out-takes,demos and download only releases (Dracula) and will be releasing it on the unsuspecting public on July 28. Here’a sample track “I Don’t Blame You” from Home Demons Vol 1. More info here.I Don’t Blame You [Download]

From Wake Up Captain

Oh My [Download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Tihista is the shit!