Langhorne Slim update and 3 more songs

Are you sick of these artist updates? I’m not. I wrote about

Langhorne Slim and linked to one song of his debut When The Sun’s Gone Done here. I now have the full length advance from Narnack. I can now hear and appreciate his cross pollination of folk, blues and roots music and indie lofi rock.On his debut he channels Buddy Hole, Dylan and early mountain music. Here’s a couple more from Langhorne and the link to buy the record.MaryThe Electric Love LetterBy The Time The Sun’s Gone Down [Download]

2 Responses to “Langhorne Slim update and 3 more songs”

  1. countrygrrl says:

    found his voice a bit hard to handle but the instruments sounded as if played by the angel band.

  2. rebekah says:

    i think that this is an amazing album. i think the voice is amazing but you have to get used to it to appreciate it. it is phenomenal!