Matthew Hebert’s modern take on folk music

Matthew Hebert replied promptly to my email for more mp3′s from his debut record so let’s support this mp3 savvy artist by buying his debut. Hebert’s Sugar On The Edge was released June 7 on SpiritHouse Records. Mathew lives in Northhampton, Ma., one of the folk capitols of the world (Joe Pernice, Lou Barlow, Dar Williams) and home of one of the best clubs in the US in the Iron Horse Music Hall.His atmospheric and sluggish take on folk is just right. And it suits his music and deep baritone voice. The song “The Energizer Druggies” sums up our whole prosaic loving nation and our need to “take one to feel good and one to just to feel ok”. Here’s two songs from his debut and two songs that didn’t quite make it. Buy it at Miles Of Music here.The Energizer DruggiesRight Before Love Dies [Download]


Don’t Go Away A Light In The Snow [Download]

One Response to “Matthew Hebert’s modern take on folk music”

  1. Malatron says:

    hi there.

    my name is malatron. I live in Northampton MA. I was just listening to the HYPE machine, and I heard matts music, and saw it came from your site.

    I am a big fan of matts music, and very happy to see it getting some attention.

    I spoke to Large Hearted Boy about it, and even sent him a copy as I had burned mine, and gave LHB the original.

    Ive seen matt play in his band “the ware River Club” numerous times. This =area has a big music scene, being as we are between Boston, NYC, and home to 5 colleges.

    Keep in touch.
    I like your site alot, and have just started my new blog. I havent yet figured out how to upload music to my server, but when i do, i plan on actively posting music. especially local acts.