Salim Nourallah’s Beautiful Noise (August, Secretely Canadian/Western Vinyl)

Western Vinyl is probably my favorite very small label. They release music that is either off the beaten track or that should be on the beaten track and unfortunately isn’t. Salim Nourallah is an example of a band that should be everywhere but is probably just too good to get mass acceptance (like The Eels, Chuck Prophet etc).
Salim’s new record comes out in August on Western Vinyl/Secretly Canadian. Salim has a few of these for sale on his website (under 30 left) so if you want to get it early and support the artist buy from here. Salim is one half of the Nourallah Brothers (MP3′s) and together they have produced some of the best work of the dacade (I’m not kidding and KCRW agree’s naming the double cd reissue of Nourallah Brothers one of the top 5 for the decade). Salim’s music is emotionally resonating, powerful, textured pop. His voice has a hint of Jeff Tweedy (so if you’re a Wilco fan now you’re obliged) and is clearly influenced by the Beatles going as far to name his studio Pleasantry Lane (he’s recorded Rhett Miller and The Damnwells among others).

So let’s cut to the chase. I found two songs available from the new record Beautiful Noise: the ballad “The World Is Full Of People (Trying To Hurt You)” and “All Waste”. Salim has an infant and the song “The World…” is his attempt to deal with any parents’ nightmares and concerns about his child being hurt or corrupted in this world of Michael Jackson, missing children and the Catholic Church. It’s powerful, especially in this day and age. Again take this opportunity to buy Beautiful Noise from Salim at his website

here.The World Is Full Of People (Trying To Hurt You) EditAll Waste [Download]

Bonus tracks:

1978 (amazing!!)A Way [Download]

From his band project

Happiness FactorI’d Rather Be Famous [Download]

4 Responses to “Salim Nourallah’s Beautiful Noise (August, Secretely Canadian/Western Vinyl)”

  1. molotov says:

    You’re right about “1978.” Fantastic. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Craig says:

    “1978″ rivals anything on Josh Rouse’s 1972 album and reminds me of Wilco’s “Heavy Metal Drummer”?!

  3. Tequila Red says:

    Woo! I loves me some Salim – I found him when he was in Rhett Miller’s backing band on the solo tour and have been waiting for him to put out something new and tasty. Good call, my fellow Illinoisian.

  4. says:

    There’s an extended interview with Salim on a local Dallas podcast: A whole bunch of Nourallah rarities are played – plus an unreleased Rhett Miller track.

    Full disclosure: I produce this podcast. Still, it’s a good listen, even if I say so myself. Plus, we’d love new listeners.