Stina Nordenstam’s The World Is Saved (2005, V2)

There have been lapses in my coverage of the Swedish music scene but none bigger than not writing about Stina Nordenstam until now. Stina has been a constant presence in Sweden since her debut in 1991 even during her self imposed exile to an island off Sweden in the late 90′s. I don’t have a long history with Stina but I am presently listening to and enjoying her 2004 release The World Is Saved. This album has never been released in the US although it seems as though V2 has plans to release it soon (I have the US advance but no street date is listed).

For many Stina may have come to their attention first when one of her songs (“Little Star”) appeared on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. Comparisons are hard for an artist of this stature solely for the reason that her music may have inspired those I compare her to but if I must I hear equal parts Bjork, Polly Paulusma, and especially Emiliani Torrini. Her sound is characterised by soaring vocals over a bed of jazz and classical influenced loungy trip-hop.

Here’s a couple from the impending US release of The World Is Saved. If you have to have this now and money is no object pick it up as an import from Amazon here.

Get On With Your LifeThe Morning Belongs To The Night [Download]

PS There’s an extra track off The World Is Saved over at Swedesplease.

One Response to “Stina Nordenstam’s The World Is Saved (2005, V2)”

  1. datz says:

    These three early albums all are excellent.

    “And then she closed her eyes”
    features Little Star.

    Raw uncompromising album.

    “This is Stina Nordenstam”
    a couple of tracks with Brett Anderson

    Shes a unique talent!