The power of the Internet or how to get Let’s Be Honeys 13 songs (recorded June 6) on a thousand ipods

Let’s Be Honeys is the one man band project of Nils Folke Vandemar (ex Diogenes Musicforce, Soft Spread). He recorded all the instruments and vocals himself and of the 13 songs on Songs Before The Summer Holiday some are covers (“Downtown Trains” by Tom Waits and “Goodnite I Almost Died” by Robote Ate Me), some improvised on the spot (“Tell Me To Shut Up”) and the rest originals.
Nils claims not to be influenced by Belle And Sebastian but admits to listening to their records when he can (particularly when going to sleep – don’t we all!). This is so personal and raw and simple that there aren’t too many other influences to site besides almost everything that’s ever been recorded. The tracks on Songs Before The Summer Holiday that I link to below are all recorded as one long mp3. It’s a pretty amazing listen but you need 35 minutes (15 mbs) and a fast connection to download but it’s totally worth it. If this isn’t a blogging sensation and on a thousand ipods by tonight than I haven’t done my job.

I’ll host this myself for reliability:

Right click and save as song title and .mp3

Songs Before A Summer Holiday [Download]

Bonus track – An even newer song by Nils written June 8th called “Instant Popsong (Just Add Tears)”. Visit Nils’ site for one additional mp3 “Lionheart Remix”)

Instant Popsong [Download]

PS Sometimes it seems like we’re changing the world doesn’t it? Or as Nils sings “we all know pop love might just save the world”…brilliant!

3 Responses to “The power of the Internet or how to get Let’s Be Honeys 13 songs (recorded June 6) on a thousand ipods”

  1. John says:

    I’ve grown accustomed to finding music I like on this site, but this is an exceptional post. Thanks so much, and keep posting the good stuff.

  2. Craig says:

    glad you like it…I think it’s something special of course

  3. Ruan says:

    Please, post the “Songs Before A Summer Holiday” again, I’m looking hardly for it! Thanks :)