The Quarter After (what?!) (July 12, Bird Song Recordings/Parasol)

I first read about The Quarter After on Misery and Mystery (a fine blog btw). The description of the band on this blog piqued my interest as did the two older songs linked to. I contacted the band and got approval to post these two songs off the brand new release.

The Quarter After were described somewhere as dreamy folk pop but my quess is if you have a chance to see them live on their Nationwide tour with Brian Jonestown Massacre you’ll be more apt to hear a mix of ear splitting psychadelia and Who inspired 60′s rock guitar wizardry. The new self-titled debut full length do-hicky will ship in two days from Parasol. You can buy it here.

Know Me When I’m GoneYour Side Is Mine [Download]

One Response to “The Quarter After (what?!) (July 12, Bird Song Recordings/Parasol)”

  1. Jason says:

    Oh man, I loved this album! Thanks for the kind words about my website!