Darren Hayman – Lost track from Caravan Songs

I love surfing the net late at night looking for musical discoveries. What’s amazing is that it’s all out there somewhere you just gotta look.

I heard of Darren Hayman on one of the mailorder sites either Darla or Tonevender (check em out if you have time). Something about the description made me think it’d be just perfect and I was right.

Apparently Darren was in some protracted contract dispute with Too Pure over his previous band The French, when he recorded these songs in his wife’s dad’s caravan, literally in the caravan (for the non europeans out there that would be a trailor).

Caravan Songs is a 4 song ep available now on Static Caravan Records. If you’ve got a fast connection here’s a link to the video Darren shot for the song “Caravan”. There was a fifth song left off the 7″ ep because of space limitations it was “Victim Song”.

Victim Song [Download]

Bonus songs from The French

Wu-Tang ClanA Better Man [Download]
video (real)

One Response to “Darren Hayman – Lost track from Caravan Songs”

  1. Dan MacDonald says:

    CRAIG your site rocks…great music…who sings the song featured in Searching for the Wrong eyed Jesus – it’s a duet male/female – there is a line that says “They let me hang for a while….” (sung by the girl) they sing it in the barber shop.
    if you could give me any help at all in letting me know who this is that’d be great.