Don Nino – On the Bright Scale (Prohibited Records, March `05)

Don Nino is a frenchman performing music in English along the lines of Palace, Devendra, Sufjan et al. His new album On The Bright Scale came out in Europe on Prohibited Records in March of `05. Not sure when it’ll be picked up and released in the states. The song availible online is “A Thousand Lights”. Here’s that one new song and some rarities and demos.

A Thousand Lights [Download]

Out Of My Mind (Demo/Outake)Xmas [Download]

One Response to “Don Nino – On the Bright Scale (Prohibited Records, March `05)”

  1. Edith Frost says:

    FYI that guy on the right is Shane Aspegren, the old drummer for Lullaby For The Working Class. (Their lead singer Ted went on to form Mayday.)