Laura Veirs – Year of the Meteors (Electra Nonesuch, August 23)

Laura Veirs is someone I stumbled upon a few years ago and haven’t yet decided how to think of her or her music. She’s signed to the prestigious label Electra Nonesuch and that means a lot in my book. This is the label that scooped up Wilco after they were dropped by their label and home to Bill Frisell, Brian Wilson, The Magnetic Fields and The Kronos Quartet. In fact it’s the only major label that I give any credence at all to.

Her next record for Electra Nonesuch is called Year of Meteors and is due out on August 23. It fits in nicely with the current trend in female singer songwriters like Polly Paulusma, Emiliana Torrinini and Audra Kubat. She’s added electronic and elctropop sounds to her poems as songs sound. I still need to listen more to fully grasp this record and that’s really the best compliment an artist can receive. Here’s three of the diverse songs you’ll find on Year Of The Meteors. Preorder now from Amazon.

Fire SnakesSpelunkingBlack Gold Blues [Download]

4 Responses to “Laura Veirs – Year of the Meteors (Electra Nonesuch, August 23)”

  1. Devilvet says:

    Great sound, sexy voice.

  2. sharon says:

    Thanks for posting these gems.
    She’s such a talent, I want the whole world to hear her but, at the same time, keep her to myself.

    I think she has a bigger following here in the uk than she does at home though.

    Love your blog Craig!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. molotov says:

    Just put “Spelunking” on my latest mix CD. Thanks, as always, for the heads-up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just came across Laura about 2 weeks ago and have been mezmerised since. She has that sexy-wantmore voice.

    What a gem.