Leave me alone, it’s Sunday for Christ’s sake!

Go and visit Kofi’s Hat instead. There you’ll find an amazing Big Star history with downloads. Including a new song off a forthcoming Big Star release

Also go visit the Oak Room who’s got a new song up by the DB’s.

Don’t forget The Big Ticket, he’s posting irregularly but when one shows up like this past Friday it’s a beut. This time music from the gypsy circus act Gogol Bordello and current blogger favs Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah pls a ton of pop culture hyperlinks.

The always excellent and guilt free (i.e. legal) mp3 blog 3Hive has some songs from Stereo Total a belgium band singing in French that I was going to write about soon (Damn you 3hive)

Swedesplease has some cool Swedish punk

3 Responses to “Leave me alone, it’s Sunday for Christ’s sake!”

  1. Kat says:

    I swear I must have eaten at that chop bar. Fufu is one of my favorites! Banku, however, is not.

  2. Satisfied '75 says:

    that top photo is completely nut. nice work.

  3. trill42 says:

    Thanks, Craig. You’re too kind. I admit I had to google FuFu & Banku. Kat has me concerned about Banku, but I’d still try it. FuFu sounds great. Love yams, love plantains (sounds like they’re sometimes used). Listening to the new dB’s song now… thanks for all the tips & music, as always.