Swinging Steaks return in their Sunday’s Best (First National Records, Aug 2005)

I’ve loved the alt-country of the Swinging Steaks for years. When I worked at Flying Fish Records I fantasized about signing them and making them the next Uncle Tupelo, Sun Volt, or Jayhawks. Course that didn’t happen but The Swinging Steaks are still out there and this time they have a new label and a new record. The band has allowed me to share a few songs off their upcoming release Sunday’s Best on First National Records.

Their second release, but their debut nationally for many people, was the Capricorn Records release Southside of the Sky. The sepia toned photo of the band in western wear was what initially cought my eye but it was the harmonius vocals over a bed of pristine folk-country that kept me coming back. Southside of the Sky went on to become their most successful record and landed the band on David Letterman, gave them top ten AAA singles as well as an appearance on the prestigeous NPR show Mountain Stage. Sunday’s Best will have distribution through Redeye so you should be able to find it in stores next week. Or preorder it now through Miles of Music here.

StupidLight of the Moon [Download]

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