**Double Post** Daniel Lanois’ Belladonna on Anti- Records and Bedroom Walls’ EP A Species Of Idleness

Daniel Lanois has done just about everything in music, from producing the biggest U2 records to his own critically acclaimed solo records. He’s a major force in the business. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by his newest project; an instrumental record awash in atmospherics and his own pedal steel guitar.

Joining him on Belladonna are Malcolm Burn, Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade. This is the type of record you should really hear in one sitting. There’s not one standout track or certainly not a radio single but the songs flow together as one. Nontheless here’s two from Belladonna. Buy it here from Anti-Records (Tom Waits, Joe Henry, Neko Case).

OaxacaFrozen [Download]


Bedroom Walls is almost sold out of their self-released, limited edition ep A Species of Idleness. I’ve written about them in the past and just can’t get enough of their baroque pop (they coined the term Romanticore to describe their sound). If you want one of the 10 that are left you’d better act fast. You can say you knew them when…since they are about to sign with an indie label. Here’s two songs from the ep. Buy it here.

Overnight LowsYour Idea Of A Holiday [Download]

2 Responses to “**Double Post** Daniel Lanois’ Belladonna on Anti- Records and Bedroom Walls’ EP A Species Of Idleness”

  1. Craig says:

    Oddly enough Bedroom Walls has opened up for Daniel Lanois and I had no idea. How’s that for six degrees?

  2. wyneken says:

    Thanks for posting the new Lanois stuff. I was curious about this album, and was planning to download a track or two from Emusic.com (where the whole CD is available electronically) — only I used up my monthly quota on some bizarre Balkan death cabaret music. I do love Emusic for this kind of thing.