I’m all about helping to get independent labels a little promo; as long as it fits my selfish musical needs. Despite their name The Fembots do not make electro-euro trash, nor are they a new robot inspired, indie-rock band. Instead (at least on this song) they create a lilting, rollicking brand of americana with piano, guitar and emotive vocals.

The band itself started as a duo and was playing what Paper Bag Records described as “industrial folk”, apparently their early sound was created on protools and consited of electronic textures and an odd assortment of sounds. The word organic has been used to describe their upcoming record The City (the band is from Toronto). I agree with that assessment as it sounds like the duo which started out as a studio creation has evolved into a full fledged band. Here’s a new song off of The City (Paper Bag Records, Sept. 6).

Count Down Our Days [Download]

Dead End JobsSmall Town Murder Scene [Download]
(track the evolution of their sound by checking out these two tracks from their 2003 release Small Town Muder Scene.

4 Responses to “Fembots!?!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What do you mean by your selfish musical needs? Curious…

  2. Craig says:

    I guess I mean it’s go to fit in with what I’m doing on my blog. which is difficult to describe because it lacks traditional boundaries (like indie-rock, alt-country etc).

    anyway it’s just got to fit


  3. brian says:

    Just wanted to say that nothing in the first two albums was done in protools- it was all old school hand cut edited 1/4 inch reel-to reel tape, every sound was either created in the studio by us or a field recording. Only The City was mixed on protools, it was recorded on 1/2 inch tape.


  4. Jaki_treehorn says:

    I love the Fembots – They make interesting and evelving music that is intelligent and engaging. They also put on a great live show. Catch them if you can. Jaki.