Flavor Crystals’ On Plastic

Sometimes the music I find on the web doesn’t fit in any neatly defined category. It’s not quite right for my site but I want to make it fit anyway.

The band Flavor Crystals is a great example. Their spacey, dreamy rock just sounds great. I’d like to throw the terms folk, alt-country or americana in to their description somwewhere to make ‘em fit Songs:Illinois but I can’t.

For those are fans of Flotation Toy Warning, Bulit Like Alaska, Flaming lips, Mercury Rev or Radar Bros. you now have a new band to follow. Click here to buy their debut disc On Plastic.

PooljaCheckerboard [Download]

2 Responses to “Flavor Crystals’ On Plastic”

  1. Ninetum says:

    Great band that made irresistable stunning sound.

    they are slated into my best album of this year so far.


  2. groovehouse says:

    Flavor Crystals remind me of an early version of The Verve. I dig both bands! =)