Germany’s Monta (thanks to Tom – a reader from Austria)

I haven’t written about a German band yet to the best of my knowledge. Germany is home to one of the great record labels in Glitterhouse so there must be fans of great music there; people who are buying and absorbing challenging, eclectic music. One of Songs:Illinois’ readers recommended I check out Monta. Well I did and I like (love) it.

There is no hint of a german accent or what you might expect from German music (polka, industrial noise, dance music or glam metal!). Instead Tobbias’ Kuhn has produced a disc that would be welcome in any US college radio station and you would think on many an mp3 blog. The song “This Is My Life”, from 2004′s Where Circles Begin, starts with a long instumental section and for a minute you think the song may be going nowhere but then the softly sung vocals kick in, next what sounds like an organ and finally electric guitar and by the end you’re humming along to a song that started out as one type of thing (odd folk) and turned into something else entirely (?).

This Is My LifeLong Live The Quiet [Download]

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  1. Tom says:

    glad that you like it :)