Joel Plaskett says La De Da (plus Peter Elkas)

Joel Plaskett gained some fame and fortune in the mid 90′s as his band Thrush Hermit hit the bigtime. I can’t say I ever heard of them but I have heard of some of his Halifax cohorts like Sloan and jale. But that doesn’t matter, from what I’ve heard of Joel Plaskett on his new record La De Da (import only on MapleMusic) I don’t really care what came before.

Now living in Arizona, Joel revisits his past on songs which bookend his new album La De Da. “Absentminded Melody” and “Happen Now” blend together to make one song about his beginnings in Halifax. I love how his voice breaks up hitting the high notes and the gentle fingerpicking of the one minute plus opening track “Absentminded Melody”. And then I like how the band kicks in on “Happen Now”. It’s back to a gently sung ballad for the closer “Love This Town”. It’s more of a homecoming really as he revisits all his old haunts/friends. Here’s a perfect self-reverential couplet:

“I shot the shit with miniature tim, if he needs a tune I’ll write one for him
we like the same books and we like the same sounds
there’s a reason why I love this town

I played a show in Colona last year
picture one hand clapping then picture half that sound
there’s a reason I hate that town”

Absentminded Melody/Happen NowLove This Town [Download]

Bonus track by a friend of Joel Plaskett. Peter Elkas makes a soulful noise, his 2003 EP Party Of One was sited by Ron Sexsmith as one of his favorites of the year. Makes sense too cause you can hear Sexsmith and also Martin Sexton in Peter’s songs. Here’s his song “Party of One” from 2004′s full length by the same name. (Maple Music)

Party Of One [Download]

P.S. Check out Swedesplease, not to toot my own horn but the music has been excellent of late. Particularly Blood Music, Happy Couples, The Drawbacks and today’s post on the new EP by The Flu (and their cover of The Hive’s “Hate To Say I Told You So”).

2 Responses to “Joel Plaskett says La De Da (plus Peter Elkas)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He puts on a fantastic live show and the city is Kelowna, BC. I hate that town too!

  2. S. says:

    Joel still lives in Nova Scotia. He travelled down to Arizona after a fan of his since the Hermit days offered to let him use his studio for free.