New song from Canada’s Hidden Cameras (Absolutely Kosher, October) (plus solo music from Gentleman Reg)

I see lots of people writing about the bands on Absolutely Kosher. I suspect the reason for this is a mix of great music and great marketing (yes there is marketing in indie rock – lots of it). Well now I’m going to join the herd and write about an upcoming release by The Hidden Cameras called The Arms Of His “Ill” Ltd 10″ (due October 2005). I’m intrigued by the band because of the semi-serious stance they take about their music. In one interview I read the lead singer tried to correct the writer’s interpretation of one of his songs (the song, according to the singer, was about people peeing together in the cold and then climbing their frozen pee to heaven).

That someone can use pee as a metaphor is fairly impressive. That they can fit into a 4 minute lo-fi pop song is bordering on genius. It’s hard not see the similarities between this band and Arcade Fire; both from Canada and both at times are large ensembles using an array of instruments. In fact members of this band do indeed play with Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene, band members also have successfull solo careers. In particular Gentleman Reg has a release on Three Gut Records (bonus mp3′s from his record below – they’re great btw!). Anyway here’s a song from the October release by The Hidden Cameras on Absolutely Kosher.

In The Union Of Wine [Download]

Gentleman Reg bonus tracks

It’s Not SafeGive Me A Chance To Fall [Download]


Boyfriend Song

2 Responses to “New song from Canada’s Hidden Cameras (Absolutely Kosher, October) (plus solo music from Gentleman Reg)”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey, great entry today! I’m a big fan of both Gentleman Reg and Hidden Cameras. Reg is sooooo talented!

    and just wanted to let you know that the Hidden Camera’s track you posted is titled “Doot Doot Plot”, not “In The Union Of Wine”.

  2. Alan Williamson says:

    HEY CRAIG!! jesus christ! have you been saving up for a couple of weeks?! i’m constantly accused of posting too much, but you are going for a record here!

    Oh, yeah, great posts as well (which only makes me want to do a couple more — it’s a sickness… HELP!)