Oakley Hall – Oneida’s psych-country brethen

Oakley Hall is a countrified spinoff of NY’s noisy Oneida. They record for the small Bulb Records. The lead singer is Patrick Sullivan (one of the founders of Oneida) but the band also relies on Rachel Cox to lend her vocals. There are two songs on the website, presumably from an upcoming record.

First one, “Landlord”, reminds me of the spoken sing-song of Smog with a killer backing band. It’s got a quasi historical lyrical bent that is reminiscent of The Decemberists. While the second has a completely different feel with Rachel Cox on vocals (more Sonic Youth with Kim Gordon singing than the Wilco or Smog of “Landlord”. Amazon has their first self titled disc on sale. Their second, Second Guessing, should be out soon (I’ve emailed the band so hopefully I’ll have an update and a link for it soon).

LandlordEyes, Lock and Steel [Download]

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    Thanks, Craig! BTW, I agree with most of your rebuttal to that post about mp3 blogs on Kill All Artists. That guy–talk about living in glass houses and throwing stones.