Roger Dean Campbell (Copperspine/Loose, October 2005)

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, until Steve Earl has his second (or third) great comeback there is a void in the music world that needs to be filled. Hayes Carll (here), Earl Pickens (here) and Chris Scruggs (here and here) have done their darndest but now it’s Roger Dean Young’s turn. In the US he records for Copperspine Records in the UK for Loose Records.

Loose has got one mp3 available from his September/October release and it’s a doozie. Roger Dean Young & Tin Cup as a band are a large collective of Vancouver players from a number of diverse genre’s from Appalachian old time to classical, and Latin jazz to Arabian. “Slider” is the song released from the new record Casa. The song starts with silence and creeps towards a whisper (with only acoustic guitar for accompaniment) and finally builds to a horn-laden, genuinely original sound.

Slider [Download]

4 Responses to “Roger Dean Campbell (Copperspine/Loose, October 2005)”

  1. countrygrrl says:

    naah sorry doesn’t do it for me…steve is still well ahead despite a few corker albums..this guy is a bit tooooo contrived for my the blog of course!!!

  2. Allen Moy says:

    hmmm this fellow is Roger Dean Young not Roger Dean Campbell.

  3. The Super Robertson Supper show says:

    the song is called Slide


  4. [...] Last time I wrote about Roger Dean Young I butchered his name, misspelled the song title and claimed he could fill in if needed for Steve Earle while he gets all that overt political chest thumping out of the way. I got three comments that day, 2 correcting my mistakes and 1 setting me straight vis a vis Steve Earle. I’m back for round two with Roger Dean Young since his new record, Threshold, was just released on Copperspine Records in the US. [...]