The Waco Brothers still relevant after all these years?!

I did a cursory glance at all of the mp3 blogs in the universe (actually just a quick search of and found no one talking about the new record by The Waco Brothers. Freedom and Weep is the new cd from The Waco Brothers on Bloodshot Records. Is this just too obvious? Are they passe? Is the band, that basically used to be the English socialist punk group The Mekons, over the hill?

Jon Langford (Mekons, Pine Valley Cosmonauts) is the leader of this woozy, boozy unapalogetic bunch. This time the record covers topics as topical as christians dismantling democracy, time slipping away and the feeling that we are all just pawns in some bigger, elusive game. Here’s two from Freedom and Weep, buy it here now.

How Fast The TimeNothing At All [Download]


Fox River [Download]
(from Electric Waco Chair)

Added bonus here’s Bloodshot’s newest signing, Detroit’s The Deadstring Brothers. Nice to see Bloodshot rading the talent from our sister city. With The Deadstrings Brothers you get a little more Stones/Kinks thrown into their alt-country and a little less Cash/Haggard. Here’s two from their debut on Times Beach.

Entitled27 Hours [Download]

Said The Gramaphone is back with it’s “Said The Guests” series. Prominent band leaders and sing-songwriters comment on the bands that mean something to them. This month it’s Will Sheff from Okerville River and Shearwater who does an expert job of exploring the music of Tim Hardin.

3 Responses to “The Waco Brothers still relevant after all these years?!”

  1. Satisfied '75 says:

    i had no idea they had a new record out. thanks for the update.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the Wacos news and music.
    I have been listening to Jon Langford and Richard Buckner’s excellent record, Sir Dark Invader vs. the Fanglord. That didn’t seem to get much attention either … not the degree of attention that the music merits, anyway! — jonhope

  3. samcallahan says:

    It’s a great album– I’ve listened to it five times already. If you get the chance, they’re even better live. The Fitzgeralds show they did last year was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.