Todd Deatherage and the Sixes’ OC ready tunes

I saved a couple of songs by Todd Deatherage from CNET a while back. Well they finally popped up on the ol’ pod and I’m smitten. Particularly with the song “Undone”. It’s got a certain punk/pop element that would probably fit on the next Green Day record if they hadn’t gone so politico.

Self referential lines like “you’ve packed my books and all my poppy hooks and moved me out…” are always a favorite of mine. This’ll end up in an upcoming episode of the OC if the producers are as smart as they seem to be.

UndoneOut Of Line [Download]

One Response to “Todd Deatherage and the Sixes’ OC ready tunes”

  1. indie don't dance says:

    Dodd Deatherage played a few weeks ago in New York, and he was great.

    And I love the term “OC-ready.”