Top three from July August (Rachel Ries, Steve Dawson, Tom Brosseau)

August is creeping towards an early exit. I suppose something could come out in the next week or so that could alter my opinion but for now here’s a recap (with new music!) of my top 3 artists from this month. In no particular order.

First is Rachel Ries, whose new record For You Only comes out August 23 on Waterbug Records. Here’s my original review and all I can add is that every time I play her new disc a smile stretches across my face. Rachel’s Chicago record release party is at Schubas on August 27th-I might as well camp out in front (more on that later). Buy it at Amazon.

UnkindYou Only [Download]

Cleveland [Download]

Up next is Steve Dawson’s great solo record Sweet Is the Anchor. Steve Dawson is in the band Dolly Varden and this is his first solo record. It was recorded in each and every room in his old house and it shows (here’s my original post). The warmth and soul that oozes from the digital bits encoded on this cd keep me returning to it over and over again. It’s out on August 28th on Undertow Records. You can pre-order it now from Miles Of Music. Steve Dawson’s Chicago record release party is one night after Rachel Ries’ on August 28th – see you there!?

TemporaryLove Is A Blessing [Download]

Finally, the new record from Tom Brouseau is simply brilliant. I wrote about Tom here first. His new disc is entitled What I Really Meant To Say Is Goodby and is available now for $9 from Loveless Records (which is an incredible price for this 14 track disc).

Jane And LouI Tune My Guitar [Download]

Trying to pick the songs for these three artists has clarified what sets them apart. Mainly because it was impossible; each and every song on these three albums is memorable and should be heard.

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  1. Craig says:

    I just added word verification for comments hope that’s not too much of a hassle but it’s annoying to write some excellent post and then get phone sex comments as your only response


  2. Mary Jones says:

    Hi Craig,
    I bet you already know that Tom Brosseau is doing a Mon night residency in October with the lovely Kelly Hogan at Schubas. Shows at 8pm, $6 cover
    Mon Oct 3, 10, 17 & 24.
    Thanks for the good words!