A couple of songs about Katrina (and soon for Rita too)

I haven’t made any mention of Hurricane Katrina but that’s not to say the Hurricane and it’s aftermath haven’t affected me or my family. While I’m a good Democrat I just can’t get with all of the conspiracy theories about this Hurricane. I think this was a case of our government’s bureacratic inadequacies and not it’s latent racism/classism.

With that said here’s a great song about a Levee. Music is always a great way to deal with this event, especially all the musicians and artists contributing time and goods to the cause (Will Kimbrough sent his favorite Fender guitar to a musician in NO). The Cyrus Clarke Band‘s new record is called California Stories but this song has more of a Louisiana vibe.

Levee Blues [Download]

Here’s a bonus song written within the last week or so by someone I wrote about in the past here. Andrew Gregory’s “Song For New Orleans”. Visit Andrew’s page here.

Song For New OrleansJust By The Way That She Moved [Download]

Also another released today by Mayapple Records, a truly great rootsy label from Missouri. It’s from a group of Mayapple allstars and written and sung by Erik Leick, whose debut record should be out soon on Mayapple.

Priorities [Download]

One Response to “A couple of songs about Katrina (and soon for Rita too)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for those words about the “conspiracy” issues and race. Quite frankly, that would be saying that they could have done better but decided not to do so. I don’t think they had the ability to plan ahead of time and react correctly. I when I say “they”, I mean the local, state and federal government. I hate that people want to blaim just one person or party for this issue. They all need to take some blaim.