A couple of songs about Katrina (and soon for Rita too)

I haven’t made any mention of Hurricane Katrina but that’s not to say the Hurricane and it’s aftermath haven’t affected me or my family. While I’m a good Democrat I just can’t get with all of the conspiracy theories about this Hurricane. I think this was a case of our government’s bureacratic inadequacies and not it’s latent racism/classism.

With that said here’s a great song about a Levee. Music is always a great way to deal with this event, especially all the musicians and artists contributing time and goods to the cause (Will Kimbrough sent his favorite Fender guitar to a musician in NO). The Cyrus Clarke Band‘s new record is called California Stories but this song has more of a Louisiana vibe.

Levee Blues

Here’s a bonus song written within the last week or so by someone I wrote about in the past here. Andrew Gregory’s “Song For New Orleans”. Visit Andrew’s page here.

Song For New Orleans
Just By The Way That She Moved

Also another released today by Mayapple Records, a truly great rootsy label from Missouri. It’s from a group of Mayapple allstars and written and sung by Erik Leick, whose debut record should be out soon on Mayapple.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for those words about the “conspiracy” issues and race. Quite frankly, that would be saying that they could have done better but decided not to do so. I don’t think they had the ability to plan ahead of time and react correctly. I when I say “they”, I mean the local, state and federal government. I hate that people want to blaim just one person or party for this issue. They all need to take some blaim.