Canasta’s upcoming debut "We Were Set Up" (November)

Chicago has it’s fair share of chamber pop. I could even see myself stretching things a bit and saying it could be the capitol of this gorgeous subgenre of music. I can’t name all the Chicago chamber pop bands but I will say that with Scotland Yard Gospel Choir breaking out last year and now Canasta on the cusp of national acclaim that may be enough to put us in the hunt. Canasta has completed it’s debut record, We Were Set Up, and plans a November release. Unitl then the band has put three full length mp3′s up to sample and also has some copies available on their site for pre-order right now.

“Slow Down Chicago” sounds like an outake from Sufjan Stevens new record. With it’s chorus of “From the corner of State and Madison I cried, `Chicago slow down’, a few folks glanced over but none broke their stride, that’s when I vowed `this town breathes on it’s own with or without me…’” it may even “get” Chicago better than any of the songs on Illinois. Guests on the record include various members of Poi Dog Pondering, The Coctails, and Edith Frost. The record was produced by Ted Cho (Poi dog, Palaxy Tracks). They have recently played with Kinsgury Manx and Sloan in Chicago and CYHSY in Madison. So don’t be shy, believe the hype and pre-order this here for $10 and be the first on your block to have We Were Set Up a month early.


Slow Down ChicagoShadowcatImposters [Download]

Here’s some seriousely fine bonus tracks, a couple from their sold out debut EP Find The Time and some odd rarities

Two If By SeaChance At Greatness [Download]


Major TomTom’s Diner [Download]

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  1. Amy says:

    Yea for songs about Chicago–and a delightful one! But I think almost anyone gets this city better than Sufjan on that very disappointing album.