My almost Gogol Bordello post

I always wanted to do a Gogol Bordello post. Eastern European gypsy punk is fascinating to me and very danceable btw. The problem was The Big Ticket was all over this story from day one, so instead I bring you a band in the same vein who has opened for GB. The band is Devotchka!

Their new record is called How It Ends and can be purchased here. I’ve got one song from this record plus a live VU cover from their impossible to get live debut record.

Such A Lovely Thing [Download]

Venus In Furs [Download]

Oh what the heck here’s Gogol Bordello. The last song I posted had the url stolen so here’s attempt #2.

Sally [Download]

2 Responses to “My almost Gogol Bordello post”

  1. Dr. Mayhem says:

    Your link to Gogo doesn’t gogo anywhere

  2. Craig says:

    you’re right it was there when I posted it but then some nasty hackers stoile the url

    here’s a new song from Gogol, one I like even better and hosted by yours truly for your listening pleasure