Songs Illinois/Swedesplease Mix #1

I don’t normally do this but I’ve been loving some of the songs lately on SI and Swedesplease. So here’s a mix of the latest/greates songs from the past couple of weeks.

Living The Dream – Chris Mills
Sunday Morning – Los Diablos
Somewhere There Is A Girl (Or Boy) – Bobby Baby
Froggy Went A Courting – Cankickers
Louden Up Pretty – The Sonnets
Last Night When I Was Jimmy White – Don Agbai
Good Company – Martha Berner
Skywriters – Nicole Atkins
Oil In The Fields Paul Duncan
We’re From Barcelona – I’m From Barcelona
Harness and Wheel – Kingsbury Manx
Get Sick Soon – Hello Saferide
1972 – Porchsleepers
Gimme Indie – The Hartmans
The Stupidest Thing – Shade Tree
Soul – A Healthy White Baby

One Response to “Songs Illinois/Swedesplease Mix #1”

  1. bakinakwa says:

    Hot damn, this sure does make a great mixdisc!