What are the best three mp3 blogs? (Farewell to Uncommon Folk and Fire of Love…plus music from Arbouretum)

Two very good blogs have retired this past month. The first (Uncommon Folk) burnt brightly for only six months but in that time reviewed dozens of records with such insight and depth that it put other blogs to shame. Another unique thing about Uncommon Folk was it’s singlemindedness, who knew there was so much psych-folk, neo-folk or experimental-folk out there. Well, now we know and we’re better off for it. I’ll try in my small way to keep my ears open for this unusual, compelling music and share it with readers of Songs:illinois as much as possible

The other blog we lost, Fire of Love (sorry link already gone), was written by a Swede in good standing. Fire of Love was all over the map but his selections always made sense. And more often than not I was mad at FOL for beating me to the punch or usurping some of my Swedish terrain. I looked at both of these blogs/bloggers as friends and potential friendly competitors and I’m sorry to see them go. Get on over to their sites now before files start disappearing. I wish them both the best of luck in their other endeavors.

With all of that said and hopefully not sounding too crass…who should replace them on my blogroll? What are the best new mp3 blogs? Is there some classic blog that’s been around for years (probably only 3 at the most) that I should add? In short what do you think are the best three blogs (I’ll take Songs:Illinois and Swedesplease out of the running but thanks for thinking of me, really!?).

In honor of Uncommon folk and because I can’t do a post without the obligatory mp3′s here’s a couple from the band Arbouretum. If you like what you hear you can buy their debut release, Long Live The Well-Doer, here.

People Flock Not To The GoodAll That Will Be Has Become, All That Has Come Isn’t Gone [Download]

6 Responses to “What are the best three mp3 blogs? (Farewell to Uncommon Folk and Fire of Love…plus music from Arbouretum)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will miss Fire of Love. Dana at the Mystical Beast is threatening to retire too. Some music blogs that I really like are: Brilliant Corners; Charles Bronson vs. God; Domino Rally; Jamie’s Runout Groove; Little Hits; Moistworks; Puritan Blister; Shake Your Fist; Vinyl Mine; and Vain, Selfish and Lazy.
    – jonhope

  2. Anonymous says:

    Also Dressed for the H Bomb, the Record Robot and Strange Reaction.
    – jonhope

  3. Anonymous says:

    … and Feed Me Good Tunes, Something I Learned Today, and Jukebox Upchuck.
    Sorry, couldn’t choose just three.
    – jonhope

  4. Craig says:

    I guess I should add a couple..no surprises since they’re on my links page but for the best music, period, I like Catbird Seat, for great critical writing I like Zoilus, and for cheap thrills I gotta say I like Stereogum (as much for the comments as for the posts)

  5. The Graduate says:

    Well, I’m a big fan of Jefitoblog, Of the Mirror Eye, and have to echo Jon’s recommendation of Moistworks. Pimps of Gore and Turquoise Days are pretty special too.