Why? – Indie folk hip-hop (Anticon, Oct 4)

It was not so long ago that we compared one-man, wunderkin bands to Beck or Brian Wilson. Now it seems our collective memory is faulty and instead we only go back a year or less with reference to Devandra, Sufjan, Vanderslice et al. I’m as guilty as the next guy but not for the band Why?, I’m a lot more comfortable comparing Why? to the Becks and Wilsons of the music world. Why? marries the experimentalism and genre jumping of Beck with the overdubbed vocal harmonies and just a little bit of the California sound of the Beach Boys.

The new Why? record, Elephant Eyelashes, comes out in early October on anticon.


Here’s a couple of songs from the new folk-hop-indierock thang. See `em live in Philly on Oct 4, info at R5. Pre-order it here.

Rubber TraitsThe HoofsYo Yo Bye Bye [Download]

From the Sanddollars ep

Sanddollars [Download]

One Response to “Why? – Indie folk hip-hop (Anticon, Oct 4)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    looking forward to hearing the full elephant eyelashes.

    not totally in the know with this anticon biz, just know some cloudead stuff on big dada which i like.

    you like NMS?