Charlemagne’s Detour Allure (SideCho, Oct 18)

Charlemagne is Carl Johns. His second record Detour Allure came out Oct 18 on Side Cho Records (Neva Devona, Tokyo Rose). Like his debut, this one is also a type of soft, beach boys inspired psychedelic experience. The song “Your Scars” is the most folky track but even still it has a sheen on it it that makes it more like The Shins then Bob Dylan.

The band also will have a song on the Loose Music compilation Start Your Own Country (Loose Music, Oct 17) that I have been blathering about of late. Here’s four tracks from Detour Allure. Buy it here.

your scarsnematodepink and silver(we are) making light [Download]

One Response to “Charlemagne’s Detour Allure (SideCho, Oct 18)”

  1. Dave says:

    nice little record.