David Dondero’s great new record on Conor Oberst’s Team Love imprint (Team Love, Oct 25)

David Dondero is one of my favorite artists. I like that no matter which song of his your listening to you know it’ll be political in some way. Either the politics of war, the politicas of love or even the politics of sex. He’s like an updated modern Woody Gutherie, a Bob Dylan without the lecherous stare or a Todd Snider without the overbearing wit (which I actually kinda like).

Some Velevet Blog alerted me to his new record which I missed because he switched labels from Future Farmer to Team Love. And while I’m all about revolutionary new technology and the power of the mp3 movement, I still almost feel a little guilty pointing out that his new record, South Of The South, is available for download in it’s entirity on the Team Love site here.

Here’s his song that describes the ups and downs of one night at a casino in Nevada. Reminds me of Richmond Fontaine’s song that describes the real horror of gambling addiction. Buy it here from Saddle Creek here.

Laying Low In Eli, NevadaPornographic Love Song [Download]


Pinky Finger Wedding Band [Download]

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  1. Craig says:

    Indie Interviews has a new podcast interview with David Dondero. It’s interesting to hear David talk about recording his new record and the process he uses to write songs.