Epic Wilcoesque rock from Lawrence’s OK Jones

OK Jones has a new cd, it’s came out on October 23 and can be purchased now through their website. I wrote very little about them here when I was in a bit of a Lawrence, Kansas phase. The band has been compared to Wilco (I also here Josh Rouse) and on the song “Portable Heart” you can really hear that with it’s epic song structure, lush string section and the chorus of “send a letter to my Portable Heart”.

OK Jones has an inverse ratio of talent to visibility on the web so again the only place you can buy their new record Push/Pull is here at their very minimalist website. Reward this talented band with your support.

Portable HeartBesides Fall In Love [Download]

2 Responses to “Epic Wilcoesque rock from Lawrence’s OK Jones”

  1. Happy In Bag says:

    Excellent find! It’s not a new sound, but it’s an awfully comfortable one. And don’t miss “Mean Guy”- it’s streaming at their My Space page.

  2. myboyblue says:

    Doesn’t sound much like Wilco to me but it’s dang good. Sounds more like Vulgar Boatmen to me. Great sounds. Thanks.