Another song (plus a demo) from Edith Frost’s It’s A Game (Drag City, Nov.)

Edith Frost and Drag Cuty were kind enough to let me do a followup on her excellent new release It’s A Game. The song “Emergency” struck a chord for many with it’s tale of cheaters and broken hearts. Now the song “Playmate” looks at finding love and broken hearts from a slightly different angle as Edith sings “I want a playmate to run with, to press against in the night”.

Reminds me of the song “You Only” by fellow Chicagoan Rachel Ries’ in which she exorts her lover to “come to me, come tonight with both hands, you can be quiet but don’t be shy. I’ll leave the kitchen light on…”

Playmate [Download]

Rachel Ries’

You Only [Download]

Anyway Edith was a doll and gave me access to her archives including demos from the new record and country covers that were recorded for a project that never materialized. Here’s the demo of “Loving You Goodbye” from It’s A Game and a cover of the Coon Creek Girls’ “Lula Lee”. Now there’s 11 more songs you really need to hear from It’s A Game so head on over and see the cool kids at the Drag City store.

Loving You Goodbye (Demo)Lula Lee [Download]

3 Responses to “Another song (plus a demo) from Edith Frost’s It’s A Game (Drag City, Nov.)”

  1. mr. tomas ubik says:

    cool site bruvah…paige told me to check it out…im a big music enthusiast of varied taste and im pleased at the discovery. Thanks for putting your time in to showcasing all these sounds.


  2. Satisfied '75 says:

    excellent. i need to post on this one too. well worth the time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The absolutly beutiful song, Playmate has been stuck in my head for the last few weeks, RRR Melbourne has been playing it at 5:30 in the morning on my way too work and I am always so tired that it has kind of lodged in my dreams without leaving a tune on my memory, so I was so glad to hear it here and confirm that it really was as good as I thought it was. Thanks Pat.