Back on track with Austin’s Weary Boys

What is it about certain sounds that connect with different people. Why does a guitar picked just right appeal to me and not others, why does a certain vocal style sound just right to some but repulsive to others? When you hear something you like there doesn’t need to be any discussion or rational thought does there?

The Weary Boys are that band for me. They’re from Austin and have played with the best of them. Their 2004 release is called Holy Ghost Power, here’s two from it; the original “Only Jesus” and the trad cover “When Will The Circle Be Unbroken”. There’s also a treasure trove of live tracks, bootlegs and radio recordings (KUT) on the site in the Bootlegs section. Buy Holy Ghost Power here.

Only JesusWill The Circle Be Unbroken [Download]

Bonus tracks

Still To BlameRed Neck Woman [Download]

One Response to “Back on track with Austin’s Weary Boys”

  1. countrygrrl says:

    un ferkin fantastic..what a band!!!what a find!!!! thanks