Blackwood Hymnal

Blackwood Hymnal play the music I love but slow it down to a crawl. They’ve set out to take just the essential elements of music (like vocal melody, acoustic guitar and chord progression a la pedal steel and telecaster) and see where that will take them. While these songs are just demos they hold a lot of promise for their 2006 release on Tarnished Records.

Visit their MySpace page for more info and a couple more songs to download.

Run With MeHotel Song [Download]

PS I added this neat little bit of javascript to both my sites that allow you to stream the songs right from the homepage. Just click on the play icon and away you go.

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  1. mysteryplay says:

    The singer for Blackwood Hymnal also sings for a band called Palodine, which is a little heavier. They als have a myspace page: