Sophie Barker (ex-Zero 7)

Needless to say I download a lot of music from various blogs. I’ve developed quite a diverse taste in music as a result. I even go for something as light and frothy as Zero 7. But it may be that the bands individual parts are more to my liking. For example Sophie Barker is a singer who was introduced to the world through Zero 7 but it’s on her import- only solo record that she really shines.

While Kate Bush will be getting all the press this year for angelic sounding fairie music just a little should be diverted to Sophie Barker and her 2005 release Earthbound. Sample the two tracks below and see if you reminds you of the best of Emiliani Torrini or even a more accessible Bjork.

You can buy it here.

SecretWintertime [Download]

One Response to “Sophie Barker (ex-Zero 7)”

  1. fusion says:

    I noticed that I listen to a lot of music sang by guys so I’m trying to “open my horizon.” Haha.

    Downloaded these songs and so far I like them. Thanks for sharing! :)