Thanksgiving Music (sort of) from Marty Stuart’s new record "Badlands"

Not much great Thanksgiving music is there? Why is that? Is it because we are giving thanks for our own success and another people’s demise? Perhaps that doesn’t translate well into song. What does a Thanksgiving prayer sound like in a Native American household on a reservation beset by poverty?

I think it might sound a bit like Marty Stuart’s brave new record called Badlands, a portrait of the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota.

I’ve written about Marty before (here) and there’s not that much more to say. He is our Johnny Cash of the next 20 years. Here’s two from Badlands.

I stongly suggest you go out and buy this one, make it your Thanksgiving duty.

Wounded KneeBig Foot [Download]
(obscure Johnny Cash track)

One Response to “Thanksgiving Music (sort of) from Marty Stuart’s new record "Badlands"”

  1. Maarten Kneppers says:

    THis guy surely has talent !