The Maughns’ Golden Hits (plus the song "Jay Ferguson" by Mary Cobham)

The Maughns have had a busy year what with a solo release by Mary Cobham and a full band release. The band is hard to describe but if I was cornered and had to say I’d describe them as playful 60′s pop (maybe send Jonathan Richman back in time).

Mary’s stalker song “Jay Ferguson” (of Sloan) is classic indie pop from her record all about Jay Freguson called Songs In The Key Of Jay. Sure it’s a little obsessive but I’m sure a goodly sized chunk of you can relate.

Jay Ferguson [Download]

From the bands full length Golden Hits. More info on both from the Just Friends label.

Darling IStronger Heart [Download]

2 Responses to “The Maughns’ Golden Hits (plus the song "Jay Ferguson" by Mary Cobham)”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The second time you said Jay’s name you wrote it Freguson. Sorry for being a spelling nazi!

    Good short article, I love Mary’s album but have yet to check out the bands stuff.