**Repost** C. Gibbs’ Parade Of Small Horses (June 2005, Rubric)

Well I’ll be backing to blogging full time in another day or so. In the meantime a couple more reposts from 2005.

C. Gibbs is a man of many hats, literally. He’s got a stenson, old rancher hats and a prized fedora in his Brooklyn apartment. The man with many hats analogy covers his career in music as well. At the ripe old age of twenty he moved to London and soon took up guitar with a 4AD Band (?). He later went on to form Morning Glories in NY who released some records on Heradhunter/Cargo. He later released two solo records on Atlantic. Now he’s on his own (with the Brooklyn label Rubric/TeePee) and has just released his fourth cd titled Parade Of Small Horses.
You can see C. Gibbs at the cosy Chicago venue The Hideout on Friday Sept. 9. Should be a great show based on the assortment of styles and sounds present on the new record. They range from the Neil Youngish “Honeywell” to the rural-stomp blues of “Tenhorse”. You’re goin’ like this. If you don’t trust me, read the customer raves at Amazon (buy it here).

HoneywellTenHorseParade Of Small Horses [Download]

2 Responses to “**Repost** C. Gibbs’ Parade Of Small Horses (June 2005, Rubric)”

  1. Hector Savage says:

    Lest we forget his time in Boston power poppers Gigolo Aunts.

  2. Hector Savage says:

    Oh wait… that was Dave Gibbs. Man, this guy looks just like ‘em. Wonder if they’re related.