**Repost** Michael Holland’s "Crystal Meth Freak From California" (Sit-N-Spin)

I’m always on the lookout for someone taking the traditional music of America, be it blues, bluegrass or country and turning it on it’s head, repeatedly the name Michael Holland had been mentioned as an artist who truly expands on the mountain music of Appalachia. With a song called “Crystal Meth Freak From California” you know this is not your dad’s bluegrass.

Michael Holland records for NC’s Sit-N-Spin Records. He was in an influential band called Jennyandkind (recorded records with Electra and Yep Roc) that you may have heard of in the mid 90′s. Now he’s on his own and this is his second solo record of modern mountain music. His mix of accessible pop rooted in the traditional music of the Carolina’s is a joy to behold. Modern themes like drugs, hunger and politics are surrounded by fiddle, banjo, violin and Michael’s rich vocals and the occasional electonic touches. Pick up his new record, Tomorrows American Treasures, now from Sit-N-Spin here.

Crystal Meth Freak From California **Standout Track**Look Out For King HeartacheHungry Days [Download]

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  1. AKARAFF says:

    I think I may just have new genre for my iTunes – “modern mountain music”. Perfect for my rainy thursday.