**Repost** Rachel Ries’ "For You Only" (Waterbug, August 2nd)

I always try to have a quick little post on Saturday and Sunday. I hate to put up one of my heavily researched, painfully detailed and stunningly creative weekday posts (some irony there just so you know). But nonetheless weekend posts are shorter due to the falloff in readers. That’s not to say these aren’t gems.

Take for instance Rachel Ries whose new record, For You Only, comes out August 2nd on Waterbug (Anais Mitchell, Bob Franke). I’m loving the music from her website including “You Only” from this new record and the demo version of “Dearest Man”. I’ve compared everyone and their sister to Sylvie Lewis but Rachel Ries will be the last and closest comparison. Her jaunty folk songs feature her lilting irish (?) vocals and perfect acoustic accompaniement. She’s classically trained on a number of intruments but it is her crystal clear voice (and songs) that are the showstopper. She lives in Chicago so you can send your checks and hard earned money to her address on the music page if you’d like to purchase something. Come out and see her at Schubas in Chicago on August 27th opening for Erin McKeown (wrote about her here).

You OnlyDearest Man [Download]

Demos, B-sides and live

Lonely SpiresClevelandDorieMuch Too Much In Love [Download]

One Response to “**Repost** Rachel Ries’ "For You Only" (Waterbug, August 2nd)”

  1. Joop Kielema says:

    Rachel Ries makes nice intemate music, like michelle shocked’s texas campfire tapes, or the songs from Beth Orton.